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Meetings between 8/12/2022 and 11/10/2022


Contact:Mike Ryan, OCHFA General Counsel Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor Reed (407) 843-4600
Friday, 08/12/2022, 11:00 AM
Location:Orange County Administration Center 1st Floor, Room 105 201 S Rosalind Avenue Orlando, FL 32801
Description:(A) adopting resolutions (1) authorizing and approving certain amendments to the interest rate provisions contained in the Trust Indenture, as heretofore supplemented and amended (the "Existing Indenture") pursuant to which the Orange County Health Facilities Authority Hospital Revenue Refunding Bonds (Orlando Health, Inc.), Series 2011 were issued, (2) authorizing and approving the extension of the current Bank Rate Period, (3) authorizing and approving the execution and delivery of a Second Supplemental Trust Indenture, authorizing and approving the execution and delivery of any other documents necessary or appropriate to effect the matters set forth in the Supplemental Indenture, and (5) authorizing and approving certain related matters (B) considering such other business as may properly come before the Authority at such meeting.