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Orange County Recycling Done Right
Ganadores del Concurso de Escritura y Reciclaje
Gráfico de Contenedor de Reciclaje

Reciclar consiste en utilizar elementos que habitualmente irían a la basura para hacer algo nuevo. Por ejemplo, las botellas de plástico se pueden reciclar para hacer botellas nuevas o incluso alfombras. Al promover buenos hábitos de reciclaje, contribuimos a disminuir el espacio utilizado en los vertederos, ahorrar energía y reducir el uso de recursos naturales como el agua y los árboles.

La División de Desperdicios Sólidos de Servicios Públicos invitó a los estudiantes de entre 4 y 7 grado del Condado de Orange a que escriban un poema para promover buenos hábitos de reciclaje. Estos son los ganadores del Concurso de Poesía, Escritura y Reciclaje 2020. ¡Felicidades!

Foto de Graciella Lentine
Graciella Lentine
Thornebrooke Elementary
Grado 4

Recycling Poem

Recycling is important to me
It keeps animals safe and living happily
And now that we have a shortage of paper
Let’s recycle and keep trees safer

When you recycle paper, see what it can make
Cardboard or a whole new piece, covering for your pen mistake
Moving along, you have a glass jar from your favorite jam
Don’t float it down the river till it reaches a dam

You can recycle plastic containers and bottles
When you recycle, you are a real role model
Next, your order from “Amazon” arrives
And now you have a cardboard box waiting outside
Adding more, you’ve got aluminum cans for soup and beans
Recycle them! I’ll help you understand what this means

If recyclable items are what you’ve hoarded
Recycle them and they’ll go to the material recovery factory to get sorted
Then they go to the processing factory to get melted
I really like recycling, I just can’t help it
‘Cause it gets molded into something new at the manufactured plant
So “Recycle!” is what I chant

There are a lot of benefits to recycling,
such as not a lot of garbage and it saves trees
It recycles plastic that could’ve hurt animals
and sea turtles are important to me
So, remember this, recycling rocks!
Always recycle your papers, plastics, cans and cardboard boxes
And all the other recyclable items you get from different brands
And now you’ve got recycling hands!

Foto de Tilly Raij
Tilly Raij
Escuela Elemental Dommerich
Grado 4

The Pet Playhouse

Placed outside: a cardboard dog food box, an empty plastic bottle, a yogurt cup, and a large cardboard box.

Little creature waits, her beady eyes watching some bedding pour into the big box.

A cut is made, and then another, so tape comes in, and finally the guinea pig car is finished!

Yogurt cup is washed, and cut, and a new reused food bowl has appeared.

House would not be complete without half of a plastic bottle for hay, and the other half? A shady roof in an area for the animal to relax.

Our family’s trash, the guinea pig’s treasure. Good thing we reused it!

Under the bottle roof the guinea pig goes to take a nap in her new playhouse.

See what happens when we reuse things?

Everyone is happy now.

Foto de Alyssa Stewart
Alyssa Stewart
Escuela Sunrise Elementary
Grado 4

Sin título

Have you ever wondered why the earth is dying?

Well we can fix that just by trying

If you listen to me we have a chance to save the world by just recycling things like cans

It all starts when you put the can in the bin

Then the recycling truck comes around to pick up the piece of tin

Then it goes to the factory to get the trash satisfactorily sorted

After all that the can gets burned to be used for other things not for the world to get hurt

Foto de Helena Fortes Ribeiro
Helena Fortes Ribeiro
Escuela Elemental Whispering Oak
Grado 5

Recycle Acrostic Poem

Recycling is important because it reduces waste, and it is fun.

Educate others about the ways to recycle and it’ll be done.

Cardboard, paper, glass jars, and tin cans can all go in.

You are responsible for putting it in the bin.

Can you do it? Can you recycle it?

Let's all put effort and time into recycling for a bit.

Everyone can help recycle and help the Earth.


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